The Rungan Sari Resort & Meeting Center is a sanctuary of style and tranquility. It offers a relaxing natural environment that appeals to all the senses. Rivers, forests and tropical countryside await your exploration, while a swimming pool, tennis court and other facilities invite you to relax or break a sweat. The restaurant indulges your taste buds with scrumptious local and international cuisine in a menu exuding spice and flair.

The Rungan Sari Resort & Meeting Center has all the comforts of a three-star hotel. The accommodation includes 24 bedrooms with a capacity to accommodate 48 guests comfortably. King-size and twin beds are available.

There are many river cruises and other tourist activities around Rungan Sari, please check out the Kalimantan Tour Destinations website

The manager and staff at Rungan Sari Resort & Meeting Center are here to make your stay a unique and memorable experience. For further enquiries please visit our contact page.

If you’re after some physical exercise or just pure enjoyment, then why not play a game of tennis on our hotel tennis court. Just pick up your rackets and balls from the resort reception, find a friend, business colleague or family member and your ready to enjoy the delights involved in the game of tennis.

After your meeting or conference, why not take a dip in the cool and refreshing swimming pool available at the resort. Rest, relax and revitalise your body and mind on the sun loungers, while allowing the hotel staff to look after you every need. Order food and drinks conveniently with our pool side menu while enjoying that much needed relaxation.



















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